Should Compassion be Beyond Anyone's Means?

COMPASSIONHARP uses both harp and voice to bring beauty and compassion to those in need through a prescriptive use of music. Within a deeply felt, interpersonal relationship, the THERAPEUTIC MUSICIAN is able to understand and respond to each unique and unfolding need. Our mission is to bring this to people who would benefit but can not afford it.

What is Therapeutic Harp?

  THERAPEUTIC HARP is a complementary medicine that offers music at the bedside of those facing physical, emotional, psychocial-social and spiritual challenges. Neither entertainment nor a bedside performance, therapeutic music seeks healing rather than curing, and is recognized by both the local and national medical communities as an effective complementary medicine enhancing traditional and mainstream medicines.     “Music is…

Now Two Healing Through Music

We are excited to announce that CompassionHarp now has two fully certified therapeutic harpists available for service in our community. Pamela Goddard earned her certification through the International Harp Therapy Program. She serves patients at Cayuga Medical Center and residents at the Groton Health Care Center.

Psychiatric Care and Therapeutic Harp

  “I have felt tensions ease and depression lift. The transformation which sometimes takes place is quite remarkable.”  – Pamela Goddard For the past year, Pamela has been making weekly visits to the Behavioral Services Unit (the locked, inpatient psychiatric area) at Cayuga Medical Center, under the direction and with the support of Chaplain Tim Dean. The hospital staff in…


“After today’s music, I have to write to tell you that some deep healing happened in me while I was listening and sleeping ~ a healing on a psychological and spiritual level”.      ~ hospice patient

Ithaca College Students volunteer at Cayuga Ridge.

  Fifteen Ithaca College student volunteers from the “Healing Through Musical Companionship” club are bringing smiles and toe-tapping to residents at Cayuga Ridge Skilled Nursing Facility this school year. Guitars, singing, double bass, and even vibraphone can be heard wafting out from rooms of bed-bound residents and down the hallways. I have heard everything from “You Are My Sunshine” to Van Morrison‘s…